A Busy Month of Publication News

There’s been a lot going on in the lead up to ALL THE LEAVINGS making its debut into the world–only three weeks away!–so I’ve been busy and am finally posting the latest news.

First up: ALL THE LEAVINGS was listed on “What To Read When You’ve Made It Halfway Through 2021” at The Rumpus. Technically, this was posted back in June (see that’s how behind I am!), but there are still three months left of 2021, and ALL THE LEAVINGS hasn’t even arrived, so this news is evergreen as far as I’m concerned. It’s a phenomenal list of books by a diverse group of writers (seriously, check out this list!), and I’m honored to be included.

Secondly: My essay “Searching for Gwen” was published in the “Voices on Addiction” column of The Rumpus as an exclusive excerpt from both ALL THE LEAVINGS and A HARP IN THE STARS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF LYRIC ESSAYS, which debuts October 1 from University of Nebraska Press.  

A HARP IN THE STARS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF LYRIC ESSAYS is edited by the wonderful writer, editor, and teacher Randon Billings Noble, author of the essay collection BE WITH ME ALWAYS: ESSAYS (UNP 2019). The anthology includes selections from 50 contributors of lyric essays in the forms of flash, segmented, braided, hermit crab, and craft. It also includes a short meditation by each contributor on the lyric essay.

Finally: A week after the publication of “Searching for Gwen,” my essay, “Kindness and Sorrow” was published in Brevity! This is especially thrilling because Brevity has been a dream publication for many years, and I’m so pleased they accepted this particular essay, which is close to my heart. Check out the entire Issue 68, which is full of incredible essays by writers such as Suzanne Roberts, Sarah Cedeño, Katerina Ivanov Prado, Ryan Van Meter, Sven Birkerts, and Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn, among others.

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