Pre-orders for All the Leavings are open!

Pre-orders for All the Leavings are now open. Today is my birthday, and I’m hoping you’ll help me celebrate by pre-ordering a copy today. Publishing a book is a challenge, and once you have a contract, the work doesn’t end once the words are written; there is a lot required to get the word out to the public through publicity and marketing, especially for a debut author like me who has published with an independent university press.

There are several ways you can pre-order:

Order direct from the publisher, Oregon State University Press. Use promo code F21 for 20% off and free shipping. (expires 10/15/2021)

Order through Bookshop and support local independent bookstores.

Order through your favorite Indie bookseller. (If you need helping finding one close to you, IndieBound is a great place to search.) Or if you really want to be a cheerleader, ask the local bookstores in your area to stock it.

If finances are a challenge, request your local library pre-order the book.

And finally, there is always the empire called Amazon. I always encourage supporting independent and locally owned first and foremost, but for those of you with Amazon Prime, you will get free shipping.

Why pre-order you might ask?

Pre-orders are an important indicator as to how a book will succeed. They build excitement and buzz around a forthcoming book–especially for a debut author like me–and can influence the size of a print run the publisher places. Pre-orders also encourage booksellers to increase their initial order, which in turn helps promote a book’s success. Additionally, all pre-orders count towards a book’s first week of sales, which gives it a boost for that dream goal of landing on a best seller list.

Today, at 55 years old, I am a debut author. This has been a life-long dream and a hard-earned accomplishment. I have written what I believe is a heartfelt book, and I’m so excited to share it. If you haven’t already signed up for my email list to keep up to date on all my news, please do so by clicking on the “Contact” link of this website, where you will find the form to join. I appreciate all the encouragement and support. It’s time to celebrate! Let’s do this!

8 Comments on “Pre-orders for All the Leavings are open!”

  1. Just pre-ordered your book! Can’t wait to hold it in my ready hands. Congratulations! And happy, happy birthday! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Happy, Happy wishes to you, Laurie, on your birthday. I just pre-ordered your book and am so excited to read it this fall. Can’t wait. Hope you are feeling all the elation!




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