Hello, my name is Laurie Easter. I’m a writer and editor from Southern Oregon, where I live on twenty-eight forested acres in a funky, little cabin “off the grid” and on the edge of wilderness, with my husband, two grown daughters (when they are not away doing their own thing), my grandbaby Tristan, Roxy the dog, Lina and Eoghain the cats, two fish, seven chickens, and a leopard gecko.

I attended Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon, where I earned a B.S. in English with a writing emphasis (yes, that’s right a B.S., not a B.A.–I’m not B.S.ing you.) While there, I tutored international students in English and writing and worked as copyeditor for SOU’s newspaper, The Siskiyou, where I also wrote a weekly op-ed column titled “Embrace the Opportunity.”

I hold an MFA in writing, with an emphasis in creative nonfiction, from Vermont College of Fine Arts. A former creative nonfiction editor at  Hunger Mountain: The VCFA Jounal of the Arts, I also previously served as Assistant Editor of “The Writing Life” section and as a devoted slush pile reader. I am an enthusiastic recipient of awards (a grant and a fellowship) for residencies at the Vermont Studio Center. My work can be found online and in print (see the “Publications” link at the top of this page for a closer look).

I write about what matters to me most–family, nature, relationships, the trials and tribulations of life. For me, honesty is not a virtue, but a bit of a curse, one that I find myself compelled towards again and again as I write about topics many people are hesitant to explore. I recently completed an essay collection titled ALL THE LEAVINGS, which is out on submission to publishers.

At times heartbreaking, at times harrowing, ALL THE LEAVINGS navigates the rugged terrain not just of the rural Oregon land where I have forged an off-the-grid life, but of the ragtag terrain of the human heart. At once quiet and searching, ALL THE LEAVINGS is a personal narrative that lays bare the human experience between mother and child, between living and dying, between the human world and nature. In essence, these essays are about love—for the child who faces a health crisis, for the friend dying of AIDS, for the one entangled by addiction who disappears—while also examining the tenacity of the human condition. From one woman’s perspective as a mother, wife, and friend, ALL THE LEAVINGS will take readers inside a rural Oregon rich with natural beauty and tales of at-once relatable people while capturing an interior life and the cinematic beauty of the West in prose that is, ultimately, a redemption song.

Photo by Akela Easter-Thomas

Photo by Akela Easter-Thomas

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Beautiful! I didn’t realize your talent for writing, that is great. Share your light, sweet lady!


  2. Wow! I always knew you were very cool, but it’s nice to see you publishing all of your work as well as the subject you write about.


  3. Hi Laurie! I love your writing! I think we need more stories both true and told to make sense of this crazy world. I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog and on someone else who shares my love and appreciation of stories 🙂


    • Laurie Easter said:

      Thanks, Carol! I’m happy you stumbled onto the blog too! Yes, we need stories to make sense of this crazy world. Luckily there are plenty out there and more coming all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank. I appreciate your talent. Wonderful writing.


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